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Executive Summary

M/s Gamalux Oleo chemicals is a limited company incorporated on 13th October, 2000. The company has setup an Oleo chemicals Industry at Bin Qasim Industrial area Karachi. There are Six Directors of the Company having vast experience of soap industry and long standing in Pakistani business community.
Company is engaged in Oleo chemicals productions and import of Non-Edible Oils, Palm Oil, RBD Palm Oil, Palm Acid Oil and Palm Olien from Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, and Australia since last two decades. Gamalux’s plant has the latest technologies in Oleo chemicals imported from Malaysia and Italy and focus on quality products with its brand name.
Plant has been setup at plot # A-08 measuring 5 acres situated at North Western Industrial Zone of Bin Qasim. The North Western Industrial Zone is the develop area of Bin Qasim. The head office of the Company is located at Clifton Center, Karachi.
Now a days, wide range of application of Fatty Acids, Glycerin and their derivatives have found their way into almost every branch of industry, especially in pharmaceuticals, cleaning and chemical industry. Company is producing quality oleo chemicals and soap products including distilled fatty acid, distill glycerin, soap noodles and quality laundry and toilet soaps in various brand names with the following rated capacities:
Company has good branding image in the Soap market and serving from last 20 years without compromising on quality, health and safety related issues with due professional care of corporate, environmental and HR policies.

Vision Statement

To be the Leading Manufacturer of Oleochemicals, Soap Noodles and Toilet Soaps all over the World.

Mission Statement

To provide the Excellent Quality Product to the customer with respect to on time delivery and minimal.

Soap Industry In Pakistan

Soap Industry is a very well-established industry in Pakistan, which not only meets the entire needs of the country but also exports a part of its production to Middle East & African countries. Although the Business climate withered because of inconsistency and rapid changes in taxation tariffs policies and triggered panic in the country, but soap industry not only generating huge revenue to the government but also raising ample employment opportunities in the country.
There are approximately 600 factories making soap and employing more than 250,000 workers in Pakistan, 450 in unorganized sector and more than 150 in organized sector. The total production of soap estimated approx. 1,250,000 Metric tons per year. Besides MNCs, local players are also playing key role in development of soap industry and tough competition prevails among MNCs and local players.
” After major changes in tariffs of imported goods, major international brands are now producing locally resulted in increase of demand of Oleochemical products. “
After pandemic COVID-19, soap industry has been declared Basic Essential Product Industry for meeting severe health challenges. In the light of current scenario, soap industry not only expecting major increase in demand of toilet soaps, liquid soap and hand sanitizer but also having good opportunities of export of hand sanitizer, antibacterial soap and quality beauty soap.

Market and Brand Names

Gamalux is a leading market player of laundry and beauty soap across engaged with local players including distributors and multinational companies. Company is aggressively focus on marketing of products in urban areas. Company has recently introduces various promotions and incentive plans for distributors for increase of network in all cities across Pakistan. Company has also rationalized the prices in the light of tough competition among local and MNCs companies.
Gamalux is ISO 9001 and HALAAL certified company and also in process of major certifications of FSSC 22000 & GMP 22716 certifications which are not only required by MNCs companies but also required for export of company products. Gamalux has potential share of soap market with unique branding of its beauty and laundry products
In toilet soap, major brands are Euro, Orchid, Lara, Venus, Zen and Zio. In laundry soap, major brands are Zen, Pak , Roop ,Sachal , Parwaz and Mehran. Company also selling soap noodles to the MNCs through distributors

Industry Global Dynamics

After COVID-19, increasing awareness about personal hygiene among individuals is a major factor expected to drive growth of the global liquid soaps market in the future. Increasing demand of toilet soap and hand.
Leading Oleo chemicals Industry
sanitizer household as well as commercial sectors across the globe is another factor expected to drive growth of global market. Additionally, growing demand in day-to-day life owing to its anti-bacterial properties, natural ingredients, soothing fragrances is among some of the other factors expected to fuel growth of target market.

Technology Considerations

Now days it is very essential to keep one step ahead to maintain your supremacy in any area of work. By understanding said reality the management of the company had installed latest technological equipments and has plan of expansion with the latest available oleo chemicals machinery for economical operation, low production cost and eco friendly as well.

Organization and Staffing

Growth of any organization is depending upon the proper allocation of work to qualified staff based upon their education, knowledge and skills. By understanding such important parameter we have designed the following organ gram.

Corporate Governance & Committees

Company has also established following managements committees recommended by the best Corporate Governance practices for running of business with due professional care and protection of interest of all stake holders.
All committees shall comprise with the Directors, professional experts and key management personnel. Invitation and agenda of any meeting shall be on the discretion of Chairman.
Recruitment of all departments’ head shall be done by CEO with the consensus of board members and any other recruitment shall be done by departments’ head with the consensus of HR committee.
It is also in the consideration of the company’s management that expert shall also be hired for in house professional trainings for self grooming of employees and necessary technical trainings as per the requirement of business. For perusing this, the company indeed moves towards advancement and transfer of technology.

Membership of Industry Associations and Trade Bodies:

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